0x71 0day Public Release Header Generator

Thank God for this knowledge and code. This code is only for True Jesus Church 0x71. We have right to sue anyone who is not 0x71. We have the right to close source it. We have right to modify the license.

download it from http://pastebin.com/U41NXLUd

All glory belong to God ( Jesus Christ ).


skraito with Lord Jesus Christ


0x71 2way Encryption Password Generator

hi guys,

First i would like to thank God ( Jesus Christ ) for this knowledge. Well is just an old script that i converted to c++.

visit http://www.tjc.org and always check out http://www.0x71.org for 0x71 public code release.



download the source code from here ==> http://pastebin.com/2dkwYxc8

Well What is the job of psychiatrist?

The psychiatrist should be people who understand people heart which is from the bible. You gotta preach God to them why ? because human is born as not of their own but to worship God which is Jesus Christ.

Now , who cant be psychiatrist if your job is only prescribe drugs?

even kid can do it.

But how do you fix those thief or murderer , drug abuser and others.

There is no such thing as schizophrenia in this world. You thought schizophrenia is crazy people that heard voices?

How they heard that voices? you scan their brain and their brain is normal and what make them hear voices and your not?

well are they crazy? thats what you said. Because there is spritual realm on this world.

Even in the bible is recorded God can talk to people and no other people heard it. Which is example like Paul.

How do you explain those people who see vision from God, does that mean they are crazy too. Than i should examine you and ask a question to you. Are you an atheist? than your a psychiatrist ?

what chemical that make your brain imbalance and to the point that make you delusion and you scan their brain nothing wrong ?

There is lucifer that disturbing them. What they need is not drugs but God.

because that voices is not of your own. Will your brain ask you to end your life and murder someone?

and the next question who control the brain ?

what is written in the bible since you said brain is the controller who than that control brain?

in the bible is the answer which is your spirit.

Come to True Jesus Church and be free from all your mental illness and received Jesus Christ in your life.



immanuelyp with Lord Jesus Christ.

Practice What you Preach :)

Well just like a pharisee, we are all priest of God but the question is, did you or do you practice what you preach ?

Even a faker like pharisee, act righteous. How about all of us, True Jesus Church.

Look at what john said, just like Him on earth so are we on this earth.

Yes there is alot of psycho in this world, they hate you for no reason, why ? because you dont belong to this world.

They are of the world, therefore the world love them, but your not. You dont belong here. Thats why the world hate you.

Be happy when your presecute for righteousness because for you is heaven.


Therefore beloved just ignore them and put faith on God. God know His own.

Well therefore james wrote i prove my faith by my work. Which mean you practice what you preach.


immanuelyp with Lord Jesus Christ.

Do God Force you to believe Him ?

The answer is no.

Why? Look at the bible why after they preach to one town and if they dont believe, they shake  the dust of that town and the Lord said that town receive greater judgment than sodom and gomorah. Why because you reject God.

Now lets analyze did God force you? no? but His will for all human to go to heaven, but you choose lucifer instead of God. Why? because there is only 2 freedom of choice in this world which is to follow God or not.

Your counted as one of the tard that go to hell if you dont believe.

Why? because He is the judge. He made the rule for everything. Why than you choose to be not with Him. Some of you may ask why than He find fault with us since He said is Him that choose us not us that choose Him.

Now the answer is Didn’t He said go to the whole world. Which mean everyone is invited but not many is choosen or going to heaven, why? because their evil heart and their rebellious heart.

Now may God open your understanding.

immanuelyp with Lord Jesus Christ.