Practice What you Preach :)

Well just like a pharisee, we are all priest of God but the question is, did you or do you practice what you preach ?

Even a faker like pharisee, act righteous. How about all of us, True Jesus Church.

Look at what john said, just like Him on earth so are we on this earth.

Yes there is alot of psycho in this world, they hate you for no reason, why ? because you dont belong to this world.

They are of the world, therefore the world love them, but your not. You dont belong here. Thats why the world hate you.

Be happy when your presecute for righteousness because for you is heaven.


Therefore beloved just ignore them and put faith on God. God know His own.

Well therefore james wrote i prove my faith by my work. Which mean you practice what you preach.


immanuelyp with Lord Jesus Christ.


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