How should we preach to others? True Jesus Church

Now may the Lord open your wisdom.

1. How did they believe if they never heard.

Which mean you need to come to them and really tell them.

2. By your conduct.

they will see Christ in you and glorify God.

Now let me explain to you why we should preach ? Every christian has responsibility to preach why? Because we are a priest and testimony for God that is why the old christian boldly preaching and being presecute. Which mean all of you have that responsibility.

2. point is. we have the responsibility as leader or teacher or even a family because we are a family. Now i explain to you why james said not everyone gonna be preacher ( teacher ), which is you didnt understand what he said why? because your a teacher and lead them to Christ. He didnt said your not a teacher but we are all a testimony of God, which mean you gotta rebuke, put faith and preach, wont it be so. Because you preach to them freedom but before you preach are you dog? which is link to first peter. Did you preach to them or become a teacher but you, yourself is boundage or dog come back to your own vomit.

Now may God open your understanding. Yes you gotta preach but that is our responsibility nothing to boast because is our job and your a teacher to groom your family and everything. isn’t so? judge yourself.

Lest you preach and you yourself be rejected.

Peace, may God open your understanding.


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