Do God Force you to believe Him ?

The answer is no.

Why? Look at the bible why after they preach to one town and if they dont believe, they shake  the dust of that town and the Lord said that town receive greater judgment than sodom and gomorah. Why because you reject God.

Now lets analyze did God force you? no? but His will for all human to go to heaven, but you choose lucifer instead of God. Why? because there is only 2 freedom of choice in this world which is to follow God or not.

Your counted as one of the tard that go to hell if you dont believe.

Why? because He is the judge. He made the rule for everything. Why than you choose to be not with Him. Some of you may ask why than He find fault with us since He said is Him that choose us not us that choose Him.

Now the answer is Didn’t He said go to the whole world. Which mean everyone is invited but not many is choosen or going to heaven, why? because their evil heart and their rebellious heart.

Now may God open your understanding.

immanuelyp with Lord Jesus Christ.


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